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How to Felt:
Six Easy Steps

Step 1:  Knit your garment. If this is your first felting project, stick to a pattern written specifically for a felted garment. This will eliminate the need to recalculate the pattern gauge to accommodate shrinkage.

Step 2:  Place the garment in a washing machine with the hottest water your machine will allow. Set the water level on low. Add anywhere from 1/2 to 1 cup of detergent to the water, and set the machine on agitate for at least 15 minutes. (For more help on choosing a detergent, click here.)

Step 3:  Check the garment frequently until it has felted to the desired size and thickness.

Step 4:  Remove the garment from the washing machine and rinse in cold water.

Step 5:  Block the item into the desired shape. If it is a hat, find a mixing bowl of a similar shape to use as a mould.

Step 6:  Let dry in a cool, dark place away from strong sunlight. It may take a day or two to dry completely.

If after a few days you realize the garment hasn't felted enough, you can begin again at step 2 and repeat the process.

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