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by Terry Winer
For the Knitter’s Review Retreat, November 2009

We like to sit together,
two, ten or forty of us.
Sometimes we have steaming tea
or perhaps a glass of wine.
In cafes, bookstores and yarn shops,
we talk about what we made,
are making, and plan to make;
so-and-so’s new sock pattern;
shops and workshops we’ve been to;
and the yarn, always the sweet yarn.
oohs and aahs over color and swirl,
the soft animals that gave their fur.

Now and then, here and there,
one of us will sit back
to focus on a tricky part,
the talk muffled from her ears.
Then she joins back in just where
the voices have meandered.
Our words take wraps and turns.
A wedding, unemployed son,
mom in the hospital, new grandchild,
daughter away to college,
recent hip transplant, decision to retire…
We go everywhere, anywhere,
and knit it all together
into a patchwork of life.
And, in the end, we have something to show.

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