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  Baby Style: Irresistible Knitwear Designs and Home Accessories for 0-3 Year Olds
by Debbie Bliss
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It takes quite a lot of imagination to publish 14 books and still come up something original. And that's just what Debbie Bliss has done in "Baby Style," her 14th collection of knitting patterns.

Although some of her previous books seemed to repeat themselves, this one feels entirely fresh and new, with a style that is quintessential Bliss.

The Look

Colors are more subdued than in many of Bliss' previous books. The focus is more on textured stitches than on outrageous color combinations.

Designs range from extremely simple beginner patterns (such as a striped garter stitch jacket and raglan pullover) to a more challenging cabled dressing gown and matching slippers.

When in Doubt... Accessorize

If accessories are your thing, you won't be disappointed here. Highlights include a Scottie dog cushion, moss-stitch coat hanger covers, and a throw with buttoned pockets.

But my very favorite is a hot water bottle cover with a built-in pocket for Billy Bear, a traditional Bliss-style teddy bear whose pattern is also included in the book.

Rowan All the Way

Debbie Bliss designs for Rowan yarns. You can substitute by simply finding a yarn of similar tension and fiber content.

You may lose a little by not having Rowan's distinct colors and textures. But if you're on a limited budget and can't do Rowan, don't let that stop you.

The Patterns

Bliss likes to guide you through her patterns, often row by row. She doesn't include schematics of how all the finished pieces fit together. This makes for extra work and potential for error. It's especially problematic with the garments and accessories that have multiple components. On their own, they look ambiguous.

Color charts are clear and well-marked with symbols, meaning easy enlargement for better viewing.

Getting Started

Bliss lists international importers for Rowan yarns at the back of the book, but there are no URLs. To locate a Rowan yarn retailer near you, click here. To visit Debbie Bliss' Web site, click here.

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