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2000 Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival
Photo Album

Show Overview

The fall leaves were just beginning to turn as I made my way into Vermont. What beautiful scenery! Unfortunately, I was sharing it with what seemed like a million other people, many of whom were in large lumbering tourist buses.

There was no problem finding the show! Ski season hadn't begun yet (obviously), so we had the Snowshed Base Lodge in Killington all to ourselves.
What a gorgeous place to have a fair! Three outdoor tents held a host of fiber-bearing animals including sheep, llamas, alpacas, goats, and angora rabbits. Sheepdog demonstrations were regularly held on one of the ski slopes directly behind these tents.

The crowd was an interesting mix of breeders, knitters, spinners, weavers, fall leaf-peepers, and young European tourists who happened upon the show by chance.

Inside there were two small expo halls that would've felt much more cramped if it weren't for the big windows overlooking the ski slopes. 

There were also several classrooms on the ground floor where lectures were being given all weekend. The weather was so beautiful that I just couldn't bear to go inside, so I skipped the classes.

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