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 Buttoned Stole

Better than a pearl necklace!

I have the unfortunate habit of buying yarn, even if I have no idea what to do with it. Worse yet, I usually collect one or two skeins at a time.

From that habit came this pattern, a very simple ribbed "stole" of sorts that knits up quickly using any yarns you like. The nicer the yarns, the more beautiful the outcome. It serves as a combination scarf, necklace, and turtleneck depending on the occasion.

The stole above was made using one skein Mondial Ricci e Capricci, an elaborate novelty yarn with gorgeous flecks of color mixed with mohair; and approximately one-half skein Tahki Sable, a delicious merino/angora blend. For the buttons I used two large mother-of-pearl buttons from my grandmother's collection.

Needle size -- US 7 or whatever creates a good-looking swatch

Gauge -- Approx 3 sts/inch in K1, P1 rib pattern

Yarn -- Two strands yarn of your choice, approximately 80 yards each.

With both strands, CO 12 sts

Next row, begin K1, P1 rib pattern (RS [K1, P1] to end; WS [K1, P1] to end)

Continue in pattern until stole measures 21 inches or desired length

Cast off.

Attach two buttons to one end, approximately one inch from bottom and side edges. The rib pattern should accommodate at least 1/2-inch buttons without you having to add button holes on the other side. Any larger buttons, like the ones I used above, will require that you add button holes approximately 2 inches from desired length.

Don't hesitate to email me if you have any questions!

Clara Parkes
Your Friendly Knitter's Review Publisher

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