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Quick Gifts

 Headbands and Washcloths

This may be most popular with the college set, but my friends get really excited when I give them knitted headbands or washcloths for gifts. I think little girls or young women everywhere would like them.

For the bands, make a three-stitch i-cord for about three inches, then switch to your favorite stitch that is about one to two inches wide and knit it until it measures from the back of one ear to the other, then make another i-cord for another three inches and you're finished.

You can make them wider for a bolder statement, but be careful that your pattern doesn't curl.

Grabby wools are perfect for this and it is a good way to use up your stash.

Knitting on the i-cord helps prevent ripping.

Knit washcloths in any pretty cotton in any pattern. I like to use nubby patterns or "picture knitting" from Alice Walker books.

Lara Neel

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