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Who We Are
Knitter's Review is a biweekly online magazine for fiber enthusiasts, established in September 2000, and based in Portland, Maine.

Our mission is to provide quality product information to help knitters make informed purchasing decisions and, ultimately, have a more fulfilling lifelong knitting experience.

Geared toward the serious fiber enthusiast, regardless of skill or experience level, Knitter's Review features intelligent and in-depth yarn reviews, tips and how-tos, book reviews, tool profiles, and event information, written by author, publisher and designer Clara Parkes, aka the "Yarn Whisperer." Knitter's Review also features interactive forums and weekly polls.

Folio Magazine described Knitter's Review as "for the knitting community what Cook's Illustrated is for chefs and foodies."

Reviews focus on products, people, places, and events that are inspiring and enrich the knitting community. Clara avoids reviewing products she believes are not up to par unless, by not doing so, she'd be doing her readers a disservice. The reason is simple: A review in Knitter's Review generates significant public attention, and she'd rather focus this attention on worthy products. All reviews highlight, in an honest and clear way, the potential shortcomings and weaknesses in the products reviewed.

Our staff
Knitter's Review was founded and is written by Clara Parkes, a print and online publishing veteran who escaped the hubbub of Silicon Valley and now lives in coastal Maine.

Prior to founding Knitter's Review, Clara was Editor-at-Large of Intelligent Enterprise magazine, produced a major comparison-shopping Web site, and received a Society of American Travel Writers award for her profiles of San Francisco restaurants—all the while her true passion was knitting for the love of yarn. She has written four books on the subject of yarn, wool, socks, and life.

Assisting her is seasoned Web professional Clare Potter, an able and talented editor, ad program manager, and provider of much-needed reality checks. Invaluable technical support is provided by Charlie Darling, the co-founder of Quilter's Review. Charlie's experience includes 10 years as President and Chief Systems Architect of Better Business Solutions, a software development firm.

How we're unique
Knitter's Review is the oldest biweekly knitting magazine published on a large scale in the United States via any medium. It is the most respected independent publication dedicated exclusively to providing a critical look at the materials that shape our knitting experience.

Some fan mail
Congratulations on all you've accomplished, and all the service you've provided to the knitting community. You realize, I'm sure, how many e-newsletters you've left in the dust. To grab a fresh, new medium and make it work so well—I really admire that!
Best regards,
Linda Ligon
Interweave Press

I just wanted to personally thank you for your wonderful site. I've been using it regularly for years now but it wasn't until today that it served me the best. I went through several of your yarn reviews while trying to find a special yarn for a project and found your writing to be just delightful, informative and very useful. Thanks for all you do for the knitting community—hope to meet you some day...
Bonne Marie Burns

From readers
Gratitude. I've been subscribed since about the beginning and just wanted to thank you for what you do. For about the umpteenth time, I'm going to the archive to see a yarn review. I became an all-year supporter of Heifer International because you exposed me to them years ago. I devoured the two books, now becoming mostly a wool knitter. And oddly enough, you were directly responsible for me finding Eugene Wyatt's garlic (wool too—I'm winding a ball as I type). Thanks from the bottom of my stash.

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy and appreciate your newsletter. I look forward to it and savor it like the dark chocolate I allow myself as a treat! Your information and reviews are so helpful and have given me much to think about. I work at a wonderful yarn shop (mostly to supply my yarn habit) one day a week and have been able to use the information that you have given to help the customers that come to the shop. Thank you for a fine addition to the wonderful tradition of knitting.

Your newsletter is so well written, continuously newsworthy and always full of great information. No matter how busy I am when going through my e-mail, I am always delighted to find yours and take the time to enjoy it and learn from it. I've been knitting on and off for over twenty years and always walk away with more knowledge after reading it. The polls are great, the content up to date and relevant. With so many mediocre websites around, you stand out by putting together a really wonderful one. Thanks so much!

I just wanted to comment on your site, which I think is wonderful. The yarn reviews are extrememly helpful, and many a time I have returned impulse purchases based on your comments. On the otherhand, I have tried (and fallen in love with) yarn, namely Beaverslide, you have reviewed. While I am sure they are time consuming to produce, the yarn and tool reviews definately make this site a favorite for me! Please keep up the good work.

I love having honest reveiws about a product! So many reviews of books and products just parrot what the manufacturer has said. You are a refreshing change!

I love reading Knitter's Review, and I agree with the comparison to a wine magazine. However, my favorite part is the meticulous testing of the swatches. I was trained as a laboratory scientist, and I really appreciate the thorough, consistent testing you perform on each kind of yarn. You are sort of like the Consumer Reports of knitting—only more exciting!

"...for the knitting community what Cook's Illustrated is for chefs and foodies."
Folio Magazine

"...a premier knitting reference site that encompasses exhaustive fiber, tool, and book reviews; yarn-shop profiles; tips and how-tos; a calendar of fiber events; a KR boutique; and those massive message-board forums in which 63,500 member knitters interact with each other about anything and everything related to the craft."
Vogue Knitting

"This is the real deal, a community site that has been brought together via KRís weekly editorial product reviews."
Mequoda Daily

"If the yarn world could be said to have its own Top Gear guys, both of them would be Parkes."
Adrienne Martini, Sweater Quest: My Year of Knitting Dangerously

"While Parkes is never as blunt as the typical movie review critic when she assesses a product, she is extremely thorough and thoughtful in her analysis."
Kerry Willis, The Close-Knit Circle