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yarn reviews

I'm a sucker for cashmere and cute packaging. But there's something more to these kits, which actually don't look like kits

Once the backbone of the British empire, wool has declined in value so much that it's being buried or burned

I first heard about the Exmoor Blueface sheep from John Arbon back in 2010 when I was in London for Knit Nation.

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Most knitters have been taught from day one not to tie knots in their yarn—or, at a minimum, not to do so

Blocking is one of those intensely personal things, like swatching and even knitting itself. Some of us have a laissez-faire,

What on earth could a kitchen scale have to do with knitting? A lot more than you may think. Take a

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  "How many skeins do I need for a sweater?" The project may vary, but the question doesn't. When faced with a new

First came the Knitter's Block, an ingenious set of padded floor tiles that you can assemble in different shapes to block

Addi Turbos are the Cadillac of nickel-plated brass circular knitting needles, setting a standard against which all others in the

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If the yarn world were football, the New York Sheep and Wool Festival would be homecoming. The event, begun in 1980, is

Until just four years ago, western Canada had no major annual knitting gathering of its own. All that changed when two

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Romi Hill is one of my favorite designers, especially for lace. She has a way

It began as all great ideas do, as a spark of an inspiration, a loose

In 2013, I embarked upon a project called The Great White Bale. Over the course

It began with a simple idea: By repeating a certain sequence of knit and purl

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